Orto: Vegetable garden (Italian)

Our charitable foundation farm will be much more than a green space. We plan to farm the hillside on Loma Lada Dr. to generate an incredible amount of food and funds for Los Angeles area homeless shelters and domestic violence safe-houses. Our methods for accomplishing our goals remain our priority. Our farm will employ sustainable agriculture practices that refrain from damaging the environment and wasting water. We will grow our crops in wicking beds and aquaponic systems sheltered within breezeways, these techniques will be extremely efficient in terms of water usage and will save us from relying on chemical fertilizers and pesticides. We believe in the importance of passing the knowledge, skills, and ideas associated with these farming practices to younger generations. We hope to fund an offsite classroom to teach local students from nearby schools about urban farming.

We will split our 1.25 acres parcel into three sections consisting of a market garden, drought tolerant orchard, and California indigenous plant garden.

our vision

The philosophical center of Orto remains a tapestry of humanitarian outreach, sustainable farming, and a transfer of knowledge between generations. We want to feed impoverished people in a way that does not damage them or the environment. We plan to use techniques that enable great crop yields without relying on immense amounts of water, pesticides, or chemical fertilizers. We seek to teach kids that growing food is fun and that sustainable agriculture can happen right in their own backyard.